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 eMule: server.met

Sviluppo Siti Sunday 21 October 2007 alle 17:08

Some little tips to maintain eMule’s server.met up to date.

server.met: what is it?

The eMule’s server.met file is a document that list all the servers known by eMule. eMule use this file to try to connect to the net. If eMule connects itself to a good server, you could download faster. The server_met.old file is a backup copy of server.met. Theese files, with many other, are the most important documents for the eMule configuration and are all stored in the config directory of eMule.

Update of the server.met file

Very important is having the server.met file always updated, so that eMule can have, and use, a better servers list. You could update the server.met file in two different way.

Start from zero

Maybe the best way for having a good servers list. Let’s start clearing the list of servers.

  • Open eMule
  • Go to the Server’s tab
  • Click with dx mouse button on a server and choose “Delete all servers”
  • Use this updating file (taken from to fill your list with the last best servers

If you could not execute this file, you should have disabled the eD2K protocol in eMule configuration. Open Options, General tab, Varius Option section and check the “Bring to front on link click” box: it must be marked!

Direct update from a URL

To update eMule server.met file with a URL, you can insert the URL of a server.met file stored on internet directly in the server’s tab of eMule, fill the input in the “Update server.met from a URL” with a valid link and clicking “Update”.
Some valid URL to update your server.metcan be:

Automatic update of server.met file

With some eMule options, you can allow the automatic update of servers list. I suggest you, before you activate this option, to clear you server.met file as I wrote in “Start from ZERO” section.

Then, you could activate the auto-update choosing:

  • Options
  • Server’s tab
  • Mark the “Update server list when connecting to a server” checkbox

That’s all.

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